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Have a look at our reviews, taken from both Google and Facebook so that they are all in one place for you!



Mandy Fardoe

3rd Review!

Well what a journey you are on ….and hard work does pay off…and everyone who works there always gives 100 percent…this place has changed my son’s life! He has attended more or less from the start …I just knew the minute I walked through the door it was a special place …dedication of the staff and the various activities you do means never a dull moment always doing something fun ….what a find this place was ❤️ thank you guys for all you do 😍😍😍 xxx


Pamela Graveson

Enhancing Lives Community Care is by far the best care company I have ever known. The staff are so dedicated to each and everyone of there clients, even taking them out in the evenings.

They ensure everyone who attends, lives life to the full.

They support young adults with different disabilities to try new activities on a weekly basis.

My Daughters confidence has grown immensely since starting. She counts down the days till she goes and absolutely loves attending and I'm eternally grateful for all the fantastic support she receives from the amazing staff. I would highly recommend this care service as the best in the North West.

2nd Review!


Suzanna Adriana

Although I don't use your service, but I know some of the staff and people who use your service.

It is certainly apparent that you are providing an amazing service for everyone who attends seeing all the activities you provide, and the reaction on everyone's face on the photos how much they are enjoying everything they do.

The opportunities you are offering are absolutely brilliant as regardless of each person's disability they are all getting to experience something new.

Just keep being who you are and providing an amazing service


Po Shell

My son attends four days a week and has made plenty of friends at the centre. The service users are very well cared for, the facilities are excellent. He enjoys a lot of different activities. As a family, we have made the right decision in sending him to ELCC.


Janet Hathaway

All the staff are friendly, highly professional and engage closely with the service users.
They offer a wide variety of original activities, nothing being too much trouble. All the clients are happy, enjoying what they do, in addition to interacting easily with one another.
The facilities available are of a very high standard.
Behind the scenes, colleagues, parents and caregivers work willingly and constructively together to achieve the best for everyone.


Mandy Fardoe

2nd Review!

My son loves this place! Been attending since just before Xmas, I knew instantly from when walking though the door this was the place I wanted for him! They are fantastic with him and of course the other attendees, they go out and about and are always busy with them all! Absolutely love him going and he goes in with a smile on his face and leaves with the same...couldn't have made a better decision...Well done guys and thanks for truly enhancing his life 🙌🙌🙌.


Pamela Graveson

My Daughter attends Enhancing Lives and I can honestly say it's the best day service for young adults with additional needs, the staff are so tuned into the young adults and work with them to help them reach their full potential. They offer lots of fun and exciting trips out to help develop their learning and social skills and opportunity to cook and make their own lunches. My Daughter absolutely loves attending and would go everyday if she could. The staff keep me updated on how she's doing and what's she's enjoyed. I can't praise them enough.


Derek Derbyshire

My son and daughter both attend Enhancing Lives they have never been so happy they get out and about doing lot of activities helping out in the community shop that is up there meeting different people keeping active when I go to collect them the staff are always ready to come to me and tell me how the both have been in the day as well as what they have been doing FULL MARK FROM ME thank you to all the staff as they have made a big difference to them both.


Mandy Fardoe

My son has only been attending here for 3-4 weeks and absolutely loves it! So much to do and all the staff really care and are so passionate….just what my son needed out and about and life skills to,best he can…thanks so much guys for a truly amazing safe and happy place with lots of laughs along the way! Thanks again certainly changing Aaron life for the better.


Lorraine Robertson

My son Michael has been going to enhancing lives community care now for 5 weeks he's never been happier always commenting on about what he's done on the day and he's come out of his shell as he was very shy and kept himself away from most things but going to enhancing lives has changed him he's more sociable and even more helpful a changed man and the staff there are amazing always have time for you and answer your questions and Michael enjoys being with them they have helped him in a short space of time what can they do for you ,come join and find out for yourselves.

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