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Mia Fraser

Website Builder, Administration and Media Correspondent

Hello, my name is Mia. My role in the team is to manage the 'behind the scenes'. I write the weekly blogs to keep everyone up to date, I manage the social media and website and help out with the administration.

As a young person, I have evolved to the world of technology which means I certainly know my way around it. This is why I have adopted the role of administration and media correspondent.

I am presently undertaking a degree apprenticeship in Environmental Science and Management with a worldwide innovative company, very exciting!. My main passion in life is the natural world, so this new role suits me perfectly!

During my Bronze DofE award I volunteered at Margaret Haes Riding School which is part of the Riding for Disabled Association, during this I thoroughly enjoyed watching the individuals grow with confidence and I really appreciated being a part of the warm and friendly community at the stables.

Mia Fraser
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