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A memorable trip to Lowlands Farm!

Even though it has been a short week, we have shared some fun activities and a memorable trip out.

Some of our week's activities have included playing Jenga, animal bingo and badminton, which Nina was fantastic at! In our baking session we made some delicious lemon cakes.

We have also been very busy helping in the Community Grocery with lots of packing and enjoyed a music session with Phil.

Our trip out this week was to Lowlands Farm, we met lots of friendly animals from tiny chicks, rabbits, guinea pigs, lambs, and even had the opportunity to walk Amazing George the alpaca! A big thanks to Charlotte who made our visit special.

We have now introduced an ELCC award to recognise everyone's achievements! The first one has gone to Michael for all his help. Michael is always happy to help out from carrying bags, helping to set the room up, opening doors for everyone, the list goes on. Thankyou Michael!

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