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Another big achievement for Aaron!

Lots of highlights this week at Enhancing Lives.

On Tuesday Phil hosted a music session for us. We usually have these sessions on a Friday but having it earlier in the week meant that other members of ELCC could enjoy the session too. Marie especially enjoyed being a part of the music group.

We ventured out to Manchester Museum on Wednesday via the bus. Aaron was quite nervous about travelling on the bus initially however only a little encouragement and support was needed to conquer his fear. Well done Aaron, another achievement added to the list! We visited the Golden Mummies of Egypt exhibition which was really interesting. The museum loaned us a sensory bag for the day which had lots of different items in from the sunglasses you can see in the pictures below to ear defenders and fidget toys.

In our life session this week we learnt about weighing ingredients. A valuable skill to have which we can put into practice when baking or cooking.

In preparation for Mother's Day we have spent some time this week making our own hand-made cards for our lovely ELCC Mums. Happy Mother's Day for Sunday!


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