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Another new activity to add to the list!

Our new activity that we all enjoyed this week was our trip to Kept Fit gym on Wednesday. The session was ran by Alex, it was tailored to us and everyone had some one-to-one teaching. We all had such a fun time keeping fit and we will be going again soon! Have a look on our Facebook to see exactly what we got up to!

Tara's daughter, Amelia, paid us a visit this week and spent some time with us. She helped everyone to create an ELCC collage, thankyou Amelia!

Some of our other activities that we have done include Zumba, literacy, numeracy, dance, journal, arts and crafts, wheels for all, quiz, Makaton, animal bingo, relaxation and baking. - We hope everyone enjoys the Coconut cakes from today's baking session.


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