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Enjoying the beautiful weather!

To start the week we had a visit to Chesham Woods, we had a walk round the reservoir and then to the café for some drinks. On Tuesday morning we began with some life skills of making toast and hot cross buns to enjoy. We then helped with packing some rice for the Community Grocery and even one of our parents, Derek, joined in and helped with moving the cardboard. Thanks Derek! In the afternoon we attended one of King's sessions; chair yoga. We always find lots of fun getting involved within the community. Aaron was a natural. We took a trip to Walton Halls and Gardens on Wednesday. It was a beautiful day and sunglasses were certainly needed. We made the most of this weather by having a picnic. A robin even joined us and sat with us the whole time, very sweet!

Unfortunately our week was cut short as we had to close due to COVID for the safety of everyone at ELCC, a joint decision made by our families and us. We can't wait to be back up and running again. We are especially looking forward to our plans made to visit the RHS Gardens Bridgewater, where we are going to attend a therapeutic gardening session.

Don't forget to stay safe in this hot weather and keep hydrated!


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