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Making the most of every moment!

This week was another exciting one! We started with a canal walk in Worsley and a picnic near the Moorings Basin. It was work experience on Tuesday morning packing eggs for the Community Grocery and then in the afternoon we did some painting. We are planning on displaying some of our artwork soon! Wednesday was certainly a highlight when we got to do some archery, we all hit the targets and popped the balloons. A big thankyou to Anthony from King's who kindly tidied our store cupboard for us! We was back at Wheels for All on Thursday where Michelle got to try pedalling and Adele tried pedalling with her hands. In the afternoon we did some numeracy skills by working with coins, a valuable life skill. Today we visited Ena Mill where we did some window shopping, then we had a stroll around Parr Fold Park and a picnic in the sunshine!

What a lovely week!!


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