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Making the most of the sunny weather!

World Down Syndrome awareness day on Monday with our odd socks on. We enjoyed Clifton Country Park in the sunny weather! We worked on our life skills on Tuesday by making some crumpets. These life skills are very useful for promoting independence. Our attitude is can-do approach here at ELCC. We believe in everyone and help each individual in achieving their own personal goals. Later on, like usual, we did our work experience for the community grocery and then in the afternoon we decorated some pots and planted a plant for our mums for Mother's Day. We had a trip out to the Transport Museum on Wednesday, where we each got to try out the driver's seat of a tram! On Thursday we continued developing our life skills with baking some scones to take home. We made the most of the sunshine in the afternoon and sat outside to play a game of I-Spy together. Today we had a stroll around Blackleach Country Park. We can't believe how lucky we have been with the beautiful weather this week!


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