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Sailing soon!

This week we all decided to go to the cinema, we watched Champions which we loved. There were some very funny parts which made us all laugh.

Our other activities have included Community Zumba, dance, karaoke, numeracy, making Easter cards in the arts and crafts session, quiz, baking, NightLife and animal bingo. Unfortunately we didn't go to Wheels for All this week as it was raining, so instead we practiced our football skills - well done to Derek who was in goal!

Today, Eve, Sean and Michelle went to a meeting at Bolton Sailing Club regarding their scheme 'Sailability'. Another activity we will soon be accessing! It was lovely to meet Warren and all of the volunteers today.

Just to give you an insight - Sailability provides the opportunity for everyone to be able to sail. Eve and her dad will be having a go soon and then everyone at ELCC will be having the opportunity to give it a try too.


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