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What a bustling week!

We have been really busy this week with two trips out and lots in between too!

We started the week with Community Zumba on Monday followed by karaoke and our drama session in the afternoon, practicing for our show (Annie).

On Tuesday we helped the Community Grocery and in the afternoon we all made pancakes for Pancake Day. Later on we visited the Mill Café together.

For our trip out on Wednesday we went to the cinema and watched Puss in Boots - Adele's choice, everyone loved the film.

Our highlight of the week was a trip to Bury Fire training centre on Thursday which was a very informative day! There are lots more photos on our Facebook! We also attended Nightlife in the evening where we had lots of fun singing and dancing.

Today Phil and Dominic ran the music session and in the afternoon we all worked on our numeracy skills.

Tonight Dave, Aaron and Michael are at the Mill Cafe for 'An evening with Super John McGinlay'. They are really looking forward to it!

Another fantastic week at Enhancing Lives!

This evening I am off to watch Rocky Horror Show at the Opera House in Manchester, thankyou Debbie for kindly donating the tickets!


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