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What an achievement Derek!

This week started with a trip to Damhouse and The Tea Room, where we had a drink. We then had a lovely walk around and found a family of ducks. Can you believe there were 11 babies! On Tuesday we started the day with some work for the Community Grocery, we packed and sealed some food. Afterwards we all helped with our ELCC scrapbook, we had printed off some of our photos from days out to stick in. Our trip out on Wednesday was to Fletcher Moss Park in Didsbury, a beautiful place. We took the tram to get there which was also good fun, Aaron has certainly overcome his fear of them! On Thursday we went to Wheels for All. We are so proud to say that Derek rode a bike on his own! It was a lovely moment to see Derek happy with such an achievement. In the afternoon we practiced our numeracy skills, it was really nice learning as a group and helping each other to progress. Today we visited Lancashire Infantry Museum, where we had a tour by Alan and his colleague who were very helpful and accommodating.

Don't forget to keep checking our gallery for the rest of our week's photos, as there are too many to post here! (Apologies if the gallery page is slow, we are currently switching to a new site)

Have a lovely weekend!


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