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A big welcome to Natasha and Wendy!

This week we welcomed two new people to ELCC. Natasha has joined our team here this week, everyone made her so welcome and we are so happy to have her as part of our ELCC family.

Wendy also joined us this week, we were particularly impressed by her superb baking skills with the rice crispy cakes!

It's so exciting to see how ELCC has grown, especially in recent months. We even had another visit during the week by someone who will be coming to ELCC soon!

We had lots fun on our trip out to Ordsall Hall on Wednesday. We spent time looking for the ghosts and debating whether we saw one or if it was just Dave's arm! We later enjoyed a picnic outside in the orchard.

Amongst these highlights we also followed our busy timetable which included our Community Grocery work experience, Community Zumba, Wheels for All and some Numeracy practice to name a few.

Apologies for the late post! I have been enjoying a weekend away in the Peak District!


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