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A visit to Clitheroe Castle!

On Sunday we visited the Anderton Centre to have an experience on the Wheelyboat, we loved it and have booked to go again soon.

We began the week with our community Zumba session followed by karaoke. In the afternoon we had our drama group, we had fun guessing the emotions Dave was acting out!

On Tuesday we packed crisps for the Community Grocery and in the afternoon we had a drink in the Mill Café together.

We had a trip out to visit Clitheroe Castle on Wednesday. We got to explore and learn in the museum.

On Thursday we made pasta and garlic bread followed by a fruit salad in our cook and eat session. It was yummy.

Today we began the day in the Café. We had a lovely family saying hello and we all loved holding the baby. One of the great benefits of being at King's Church is the lovely community that surrounds us and interacts with us everyday. After we enjoyed a music session with Phil and in the afternoon we practiced our literacy skills.

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