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A Visit to Liverpool Cathedral


In the morning Nina volunteered to work in the Community Grocery for the first time. Nina did some tidying and wiping down. Well done Nina! Everyone also took part in the Community Zumba session and in the afternoon everyone had a go at karaoke.


We all bought our own drink in the Mill Cafe and in the afternoon we did some more work for the Community Grocery. Kane did very well with the sealing.


We had a fabulous day visiting Liverpool Cathedral, it is such a breathtaking experience when you walk into the cathedral! It is the largest cathedral and religious building in Britain. Have a look at our pictures and you can certainly see it is worth a visit.


We all had a good morning at Wheels for All, even though it was very windy! In the afternoon we enjoyed some football and other team games.


In the morning we enjoyed team games and in the afternoon we did some literacy work, followed by a memory game.

Other news

  • We have all been invited to a carol service at Roe Green Church on Monday 11th December. Thanks so much to our neighbour Jill for sorting this out for us!

  • We have booked tickets for RHS Bridgewater Glow for everyone at ELCC and their family on Wednesday 13th December at 6.30pm.


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