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A week full of smiles and laughter!

The week began with helping the Community Grocery with a shopping trip to pick up some fruit and vegetables, Ler Gay was a great help! This was followed by some packing. In the afternoon everyone made a birthday card for Michael.

On Wednesday we watched Dungeons and Dragons at the cinema and also had a drink at Subway. The member of staff on the till at Subway was especially kind and generous to us and even treated us all to a cookie!

We spent the day at RHS Bridgewater on Thursday for another Therapeutic Gardening session. We planted some potatoes and harvested some cabbages and miners lettuce. Derek really enjoyed the feel of the Miners Lettuce in his hands, he couldn't stop giggling! Ler Gay helped collect the potatoes to plant, Ozichi was really impressed by his skills with the wheelbarrow.

Today we made chocolate crispie cakes in the morning and in the afternoon Eve, Sammy, Michelle, Tasha and Sean went sailing with Sailability whilst everyone back at King's Church enjoyed a LifeBeats session with Alan.

Another fun-filled week at ELCC!


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