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A Week of Achievements!

Our week began with a long walk and a picnic at Beesley Green Cricket Club. Tuesday featured some group activities such as Jenga and dominoes followed by some fun exercise and football. Our trip out on Wednesday was to The Rock, Bury where we did some 10-pin bowling. Well done to our two group winners Adele and Marie! We ventured out to Leverhulme park on Thursday morning for Wheels for All, it was a bit chilly! Adele set her goals for the morning of learning to ride a bike on her own, which we are very proud to say that she achieved. We believe here at ELCC that you can achieve anything you put your mind to and experiencing new things is always encouraged. Thursday afternoon consisted of doing some numeracy and literacy tasks as a group, which everyone excelled at. This morning we went to the lovely Well café and then to the cinema to watch Uncharted.

It's been another full week of activities!


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