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Exciting new opportunity for ELCC!

Although its been a short week, we have still kept busy from;

work experience for the Community Grocery, life skills, literacy, numeracy, quiz, and baking.

And our trip out on Wednesday we watched the new Avatar at the cinemas, everyone loved it.

Michelle and Tara also met Luiz this week who runs Kronik warrior UK. Kronik Warrior offers adaptive boxing sessions. On Saturday morning Michelle, Tara and Tara's daughter Amelia trialled a boxing session for themselves and had great fun!

In March Luiz will be holding some adaptive boxing sessions for us and we are so excited to take everyone along!

Everyone at ELCC would like to wish Zena all the best in her new job, she has been a fantastic help on Fridays when she joins ELCC whilst supporting Alan. We will really miss her!


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1 Comment

Beverley Rhodes
Beverley Rhodes
Jan 08, 2023

Loving all the photos and you are giving your clients the best time

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