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Life Skills!

On Sunday we visited the Anderton Centre. Eve, Ler Gay, Michelle and Debbie all went on the Wheelyboat! Ler Gay had a go at steering the boat, he created lots of waves! We all had so much fun.

Some of the activities we have enjoyed at ELCC this week:

Community Zumba, drama, work experience, Mill Café visit, local walk, relaxation, hair and beauty, cook and eat and a trip to Heaton park.

This week we have done a lot of work on our life skills too which has included travelling on public transport, buying our drinks in the café, working on our literacy and numeracy, making our own lunch - pizza and salad followed by banana split (Adele's choice), setting the table, washing and drying the pots, hoovering, the list is endless!

We also celebrated Tasha's birthday on Monday with lots of goodies!

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