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Welcome Adele!

This week marked Adele's first week with us at ELCC, we were so excited to welcome her!

We started the week off at the cinema watching The Duke. On Tuesday, I got to visit ELCC at King's Church! It has been my first time visiting due to me being in college and everyone made me feel very welcome. We all helped with packing and labelling the eggs for the Community Grocery and then I got a tour around King's Church. In the afternoon we all did some arts and crafts. We all got messy painting our hands! On Wednesday we went on a day out to Portland Basin Marina Museum, definitely worth a visit. We had lots of fun imagining what life was like back then, especially with the wedding ceremony of Aaron and Adele! Yesterday, we all got ready and went down to Wheels for All, however it was raining heavily when we got there so we decided to go back to King's and have an afternoon of scrapbooking. Today we visited The Lowry and looked at the art exhibition and we booked some tickets for Bedknobs and Broomsticks in a couple of weeks.

We are really enjoying ourselves as a group and cannot wait for another week together!


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Mar 04, 2022

Fantastic week guys and a wedding too! I missed it 😂😂😂 thanks 😊 x


This all looks amazing, we'll done Dave and Michelle x love that you really are enhancing lives

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Please send my regards to the team

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