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Today's tours of King's Church!

Today Nicola from King’s Church kindly took some of our families on a tour of the complex.

Nicola explained to everyone what King’s Church has to offer and what opportunities people could experience; from Zumba Mondays to coffee mornings, it really is a bustling community.

On the second tour of the day, we even had the experience of listening to some music in the auditorium while they were setting up for an event this evening. One of the ladies, Claire, made our families feel very welcome, which really reflected the warm and inviting atmosphere that we know the church offers. This is one of the many reasons we love King’s Church, it is so community focussed, something that is a highly valued attribute to Enhancing Lives Community Care.

We would like to say thankyou for visiting today and would like to see you soon.

If you are interested in seeing what King’s Church has to offer please don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a guided tour of the facilities.


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